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Home FAQ's English FAQ Q.25 want to export Construction Machinery with RORO ship.

Q.25 want to export Construction Machinery with RORO ship.

Q.25 I want to export the Construction Machinery
with the RORO ship.

A.25 Please contact us with the Details of the freight,
adding the Destination, expected shpping Date and etc.,

We will guide the Schedule of the best RORO ship,
for the freight which is possible being driven on and off
on the ship on their own wheele.

Please let us consult about the details of the freight, with the Destination and
the expected shipping Date and etc.,

Though it is RORO ship, there is in Strength of the Lamp Way (diagonal road)
that passes when the Loading and Unloading of freight is done to the ship.

There is a Limitation in the Weight of the freight.

There is a Limitation on the Size of the freight by all means, for the reasens such as
the Width of the Lamp Way, Height of the Hold, and the Size of the Entrance from
Lampway to Hold.

There is an Unsuitable ship to the freight with Heavy Weight and Big size
like the Pure Car Carrier, even if it is RORO ship.

About the arrangements for the shipping of a Large-Scale Construction Machinery,
we will consults with the customer first, about for the Reduction of the Size and Weigh.
A Part of Parts are Detached, if it is necessary.

After that, we will examine the Schedule of each ship that can be used.

Moreover, we will do shipping arrangement as Land-Ttransportation from the
carrying place of the freight, Packing, the Document making, Customs Clearance,
Marine Insurance and etc., according your demand.

We will advise you the schedule of the RORO ship
to Asia, the Middle East, and the Africa district,
Please contact us freely.

Please refer  "Contact Us".

Bay Trail Japan Co., Ltd.


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